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We provide all-around care for your manufactured home, including repairs, leveling, foundations, awnings, roofing, skirting, painting, and more. We service Phoenix AZ and surrounding areas, including Peoria, East Valley, and Tuscon.


We’ve been helping manufactured homeowners in Maricopa County for 20+ years!

A mobile home needs to be securely tied down when it is placed on a piece of land. This is so that it won’t move around if there is strong wind or bad weather. To do this, you will need to use straps and anchors to secure the home to the ground. First, you will need to get straps that are made specifically for mobile homes. You will also need anchors to attach the straps to the ground.

Once you have these, you can start to tie down the home. Begin by putting the straps around the home. Make sure that the straps are tight, but not too tight. You don’t want to cause any damage. Then attach the anchors to the straps. You can then place the anchors into the ground. Make sure that the anchors are firmly in the ground and that the straps are still tight. Once everything is secure.

Mesic Contracting is here to help you with meeting the qualifications for buying or selling a mobile home. We make sure that the mobile home is on a permanent foundation and that the tie-down systems are installed according to HUD and FHA/VA guidelines.

We can help you with providing an Engineer’s Foundation Certification to show that everything is in order and the mobile home is safe. This is necessary for an FHA or VA loan underwriter and is becoming more common for conventional (private) loans. Our team of professionals at Mesic Contracting will make sure that the manufactured mobile home you live in is safe and secure.

Call Mesic Contracting to Request an On-Site Home Foundation Inspection, and Consultation, for an Engineer’s Certification Letter. We help make your home HUD/FHA compliant for loan approval.




Do you need to level your mobile home?

You may have noticed that one side of your mobile home is lower than the other. This is a common problem that needs to be fixed. To fix this, you will need to level the mobile home.

Here are some tips to help you do that.

First, you need to check the ground around your mobile home. Make sure that it is even and there are no big bumps or holes in the ground. If the ground is uneven, you will need to level it first.

Next, you should use some boards to create a level surface for your mobile home to rest on.

Place the boards in the areas that need to be leveled.

Finally, you should use a level to make sure your mobile home is even. Place the level on the boards and adjust them until the mobile home is level. If you follow these steps, you should be able to level your mobile home.

Our loyalty, integrity, and quality service are unsurpassed. Our entire team is committed to meeting your needs. Consequently, a high percentage of our business is from repeat clients and referrals…. just like you! We welcome an opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the Industry.

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    Larry Burns
    Larry Burns
    February 29, 2024.
    We just had our 30 year old park model updated by MESIC Contracting. Tim and the crew were fantastic! Initially we were told it could take a couple of weeks but the hard working crew got it done in only a week. They were prompt, hardworking, knowledgeable and friendly. We are very happy with the results and highly recommend them!!! It was a great experience!
    K Miller
    K Miller
    November 3, 2023.
    I have used Mesic Contracting multiple times. Tim is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with and always does a great job of keeping me updated throughout the entire process. He and his team do excellent work. I highly recommend them!
    Priscilla Frost
    Priscilla Frost
    March 7, 2023.
    Unbelievable! My kitchen looks amazing. I can't thank Tim and his crew enough. Will definitely hire again. A+++
    Lyle Andersen
    Lyle Andersen
    March 6, 2023.
    I hired Mesic Contracting to do a bathroom remodel. They were very responsive and helpful in helping me pick out a new tub, accessories, and paint. The bathroom came out beautiful! I will definitely use them again in the future.
    Barb Zornig
    Barb Zornig
    April 24, 2021.
    very knowledgeable cordial and professional
    Clorinda Terra
    Clorinda Terra
    August 4, 2020.
    This is my honest review after hiring Tim’s company to gut 3 of my rental properties in Phoenix, all of which are manufactured homes which needed extremely affordable restoration and remodeling services so I can sell and I can tell you from experience, Tim’s company;Mesic contractors is by far Maricopa County’s best manufactured and mobile home service company. Trust me guys, they are the best people in the city to do such good work. I suggest people opt for the service for repairs, levelling, foundations, awnings, roofing, skirting, painting, and more. I’ve now been using their remodeling services for more properties going on more than two years.